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Napoli Pizza Oven

The Napoli oven is our biggest seller. We based the design and proportions of the Napoli on the Neapolitan style of pizza oven 'Neapolitan pizzas are arguably the best!'. Our aim was to target the domestic market with a high performing, versatile and authentic oven at an affordable price. The Napoli’s cooking area is approximately 90cm diameter, a good size that has also proved popular with small bistros and bars.

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Pre-built Oven

Our Pre-buit ovens are made to order with a rendered finish, we will build the Napoli Delux Oven and deliver it to you ready to use. When you order the Pre-built oven we will get in touch with you to discuss you design and the bricks to used for the arch. You will need to arrange a base for the oven to sit on, and have the oven lifted onto your base.

Napoli Pre-Built

'Napoli' Pre-Built Oven £1350

UK mainland delivery of all our ovens is £85 and is added to price when you buy. Please email us on if you require delivery outside UK mainland.

Ross Oliver italianoforni pizza oven

Basic oven kit

We supply the basic components for your oven

You supply a base for the oven to sit on , dome and floor Insulation, additional chimey sections (if needed), fireclay or fire cement to assemble and seal the oven and then finish the oven with your own design.Napoli Basic kit includes:-


- The 5 piece oven core

- 500mm of chimney which is made from 1mm thick stainless steel

- Cooking floor made up from high quality engineered firebricks

- Steel oven door with handle, this is profiled to the oven arch

- Installation guide

'Napoli' Basic Oven Kit £595

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Delux oven kit

We will supply all the components needed to build your oven

You supply a base for the oven to sit on and then finish the oven with your own design.Napoli Delux kit includes all the components of the Basic oven kit plus :-


- 1metre x 1metre 'Calsil' insulation board for your oven floor to sit on

- High Density insulation blanket

- 25kg fireclay to be used to assemble and seal your oven

- Installation guide

'Napoli' Delux Oven Kit £695

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